Where Obedience Can Lead

She shared with me that she had heard my name in her spirit all week, kept lifting prayers for me without knowing why God had me on her heart. Yet she walked in obedience. She saw a post from me on Facebook, and wondered if what I posted was what she was to pray about. It didn’t cease, this drive to lift me up before God’s throne again and again all week. Then at an activity that Saturday, she saw me walk in and thought “I should really ask” . This is the point that many of us would stop and have a little conversation with ourselves and totally reason away risking with someone. It’s so much safer not to. But she didn’t stop there. She walked in obedience and came right out and said it … what a deep breath she was to me.   And yes, there was a need for prayer that week. Her query was further confirmation that this is GOD’S project but my obedience is needed to carry out the plan! I loved what she told me that day when I shared with her my inward struggle to stop and hear Jesus talk to me about what to put on paper and the discipline that I needed in my life to accomplish everything and still set aside the time I needed to spend at the throne of God. I had been paralyzed from accomplishing anything that entire week.   She said how she didn’t mind praying without knowing why, but she sure was glad she could now pray with purpose! I let that sink in on the way home and truly marveled at the fact that it’s always precious to pray for someone, anyone, but God does make it much sweeter to pray with purpose. Thank you, dear friend for bringing God’s Deep Breath, for risking with me and being used by God to help me forge ahead … how treasured is the path that God has us both on, and that He intersected yours with mine on our way to eternity with Him.


His Still Small Light

Oh how we love it when a plan comes together don’t we?  We plan our minutes, hours and days and pray to use out time wisely.  We walk through day-by-day, moving forward and accomplishing our tasks and jobs.  Some weeks feel filled with purpose while some fly by so swiftly that our heads spin trying to grasp all that has gone on.  We set our schedules, plan on them, looking toward goals for work and family.  Then suddenly, we’re tossed a curve ball, this appointment is cancelled, work schedules change and our planned agenda is on its ear.  We plead with God for clarity, for answers to lost income, lost time with someone precious or just why He’s allowed the boat to rock.  It may be something small that really shouldn’t shake us up or it could be something far bigger, that holds a ripple effect that will spill over on many.  Large or small, as we draw in our breath, may we run to Him, to seek God’s face for calm, for Him to guide our steps and know that His love for us overshadows our questions. It seems we often want to know the future.  We long to plan and work to make our plans come to completion.  We wish for a 40000 candle spotlight to beam far ahead of us so we can see what’s coming.  Praise God that His promise is for the light needed for the next step, not that beam far down the path.  If we saw great blessings way down the road, we’d long to run right past the little ones that He has waiting.  We’d also run past the tough stuff that He longs to use as He molds us more and more into His likeness.  If we saw great difficulties awaiting us, we’d try to “fix things” before they happened and miss out on the growth He longs for us to experience.  Father God you know what we can handle, you know the path we can navigate with you as our guide.  Thank you for the still small light of your power-filled Word that simply shows us our next little step.  Help us slow down and slow our breath that we will listen and obey and not bypass all that you have waiting each step along our journey to You.