My poor husband didn’t realize he was marrying someone with clutter issues way back when.  He’s tried to help me reform in various ways and God has taken me far forward but I’m nowhere near fully rescued. He smiles  and says that I have a flat surface disease, one that manifests itself in the severe need to pile anything and everything on an open, flat surface.  He once told me with all seriousness that if we ever had the chance to build another kitchen, he would insist that all the countertops would be slanted so that I could accomplish work but that anything that shouldn’t stay there, would slide to the floor!  Thankfully by the time he shared this idea with me, God had healed lots of insecurities in me and after I recovered from staring at him for a bit,  I could laugh along with him. And when we were blessed to have that new kitchen become a reality, the counters are flat! Closets and cabinet doors are probably not real great inventions for me in that they simply give hiding places for more disorganization.  I gravitate to magazine articles about getting organized but am easily overwhelmed by feeling like my mess is insurmountable.  Many years ago I was in a conversation about this very topic with a saint now gone on to glory.  I made the remark that I had at that point gotten a handle on things but if he came over, to make certain not to open any closet or cabinet doors.  He said he thought that the very reason for those doors was so you could hide what was behind them!  This led us to discussing hypocrisy and how we wear masks and work hard to look so perfect on the outside but are quick to swing our doors closed or slip those masks on to keep others from seeing inside.  I know from the amazingly uplifted feeling I have when I peer into a friends ultra-organized cabinets that their intent is not to be jammed full and covered over by a door.  The same goes for our interiors. Jesus sacrificed all for us to be clean, pure and presented holy before our God.  Oh what joy that we can be so free and unashamed as we breath deep and fling open wide the doors of our hearts! 



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