Her mom excitedly mentioned the possibility of a return trip but it is 8 months in the future.  She wasn’t supposed to hear her mom but she did.  Her mind immediately went into motion and she begged to know all the details.  The reality was that she had completely missed the word possibly.   Her parents urged her to grasp that nothing was sure and the trip was simply being discussed but her excitement was nearly uncontainable.  Her father said “rewind”  in an effort to help her arrest her thoughts a bit but her face beamed.  I mentioned a computer term to her dad “System Restore” and we all laughed a bit.  Her mom found a way to distract her but I’m sure there was more conversation about it later on during their long ride home.   God spent the afternoon in conversation with me too.  I kept hearing “system restore” again and again and I knew I must get quiet and listen.  Anyone who has had some pesky computer issues may have had to resort to this at one time or another.  It wipes out everything and brings your computer back to where it began and it can take more hours than I care to recall rebuilding all the programs that were installed.  How amazing is it that JESUS does a complete system restore on us and when He does, the only rebuilding needed is to live each breath for God alone and feast at His table for every nutrient necessary for full and eternal life.  He promises us that our sins are removed as far as east is from west… erased and completely irretrievable.  There’s a reason for a refreshing deep breath and fuel to make sure no one misses out on his or her own system restore. 


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